Windshield Repair or Replacement

At Auto Glass Etobicoke, we have earned a reputation as the leading auto glass company in the Toronto area. Our dedication to superior product quality and sincere customer service has helped us reach the top of the list in this sector. Our certified professionals in the field of auto glass repair handle every repair or replacement job with superior craftsmanship and the utmost care.

Many vehicle owners just do not realise how important the windshield of your car really is. It could even be called the single most important safety component of your vehicle — all the more reason to never neglect any windshield repair or replacement that may need to be carried out at any time!

The windscreen of your vehicle not only keeps the dust off your face when you drive; but it also holds the roof of the framework intact and prevents a cave-in during an accident. The safety of the occupants of the vehicle could depend on the strength and proper fitting of the windshield. This means that you must always ensure that your windscreen is in good shape. Any scratches or chips should be fixed at once, so that the structural integrity of the windshield is never in question.

Never cut corners when you get a quote for a windshield repair or replacement — it could cost you your life, and that is too high a price to pay! Small chips and cracks up to 6 inches long can be safely repaired by grouting with crack filler and then smoothening out the filling. When done by expert technicians, a windshield repair is virtually invisible.

If the crack is longer though, the only safe option would be a windshield replacement. Unless this is carried out by experienced technicians using OEM (or equivalent) glass, there is every possibility that the glass could pop out in a collision and cause unimaginable harm.

The decision whether to get the glass repaired or replaced can only be taken by expert technicians, like those at Auto Glass Etobicoke. We will carry out a careful inspection of the windscreen to determine which would be the safest course of action for your vehicle. Repairs can save time and money, but if it is not safe to undertake a repair then we will advise you accordingly and you can get the glass replaced.

With us, your vehicle is in safe hands, and so is your life! Our technicians ensure your safety with a reliable and long-lasting windshield repair or replacement