Auto Glass Repair or Replacement

The side and rear windows of your vehicle can get damaged by flying debris or small rocks very easily. This can make driving difficult as visibility is reduced. These glasses are made of tempered glass, which breaks up into small rounded glass pebbles on impact, and a chip or crack cannot be repaired.

When you come to Auto Glass Etobicoke, you can be assured of quality service from the best technicians in town. Damaged side and rear car glasses must be replaced as soon as possible, before the damage gets more extensive. Auto glass replacement when done by professionals does not take much time- you could be on the road again in as little as an hour.

Here’s what we do:
The door panel will be removed and the extent of the damage assessed carefully. Rear windows will be cleaned and inspected in place.
The broken glass will be removed with care, and a brand new glass that is to the exact size and make will be fitted in its place.
Our technicians will ensure that after the auto glass replacement, the window functions well as before and all mechanisms are in place.
The door panel will be fitted back, and the car interior will be cleaned.
We understand that you may be postponing getting the glasses fixed since you are in a time crunch. Just give us a call, and we will send our technicians wherever you are.

Our promise
We use only glass that is to OEM (original equipment manufacturer) specifications, or equivalent.
Our workmanship is professional, and we offer a guarantee on the quality of our fitting services.
All defrost or technological capabilities will be maintained.

Auto Glass Etobicoke gives you the best services- come to us for top quality auto glass replacement and workmanship!