Auto Glass is always on the cutting edge of TECHNOLOGY when it comes to all things related to vehicle glass. Our technicians constantly RESEARCH and INNOVATE the most up-to-date knowledge, tools and training for use on site.


At Auto Glass Canada Etobicoke, we are certified and experienced professionals in the field of vehicle glass replacement and repairs. Our deep commitment to superior product quality, and excellent customer service and support has made us the leading auto glass company in the Toronto area. We handle every repair or replacement job with superior craftsmanship and the utmost care so as to ensure your safety with a reliable and long-lasting restoration or installation.

Whether you have a crack, a rock chip or more extensive damage to your windscreen, the professionals at Auto Glass Canada Etobicoke ensure that your vehicle glass damage is repaired perfectly, the very first time. We only use the highest quality, industry approved glasses and resins that are OEM quality or equivalent. We understand your busy schedules and lifestyle, and provide mobile services that bring our technicians to your doorstep- whether it may be at your home, your office or on the roadside in an emergency.

Auto glasses are specially manufactured for the safety of your vehicle, and your windshield contributes significantly to the structural integrity of your vehicle. It protects the passengers in the case of a rollover accident as it prevents the roof of the car from caving in and collapsing on the occupants.

Windshield glass is laminated, unlike the rest of the tempered glass on your car. Tempered glass shatters into small marble like shards without sharp edges, but laminated glass is shatter-proof. That's why windshields withstand impact better. Smaller windshield fractures can be fixed, but sometimes, when bigger breaks and cracks occur, replacement is the only option.

To find out whether repair or replacement is best for your vehicle, call the Auto Glass Canada Etobicoke helpline numbers and we will have a representative call on you at your earliest convenience.

Laminated Glass:

Laminated glass used in windshields is also known as safety glass and is a sandwich of two sheets of glass with one or more special interlayers, like poly-vinyl-butyrl (PVB), in between. The sheets are bonded together under heat and pressure to form a single piece. PVB protects the occupants of the car from injury in the event of an accident or collision as it is a tough, pliable material that prevents the windshield from shattering like ordinary glass.

When laminated glass is used, the breakage gets localized to the point of impact and the glass does not shatter. As a result, visibility in other parts of the windshield is not affected. As it has extremely high resistance to penetration, laminated glass ensures safety for the vehicle’s passengers. Laminated glass is flexible and minimizes injuries in case of head impact during accidents. Additionally, the glass has acoustic properties and is highly effective in noise reduction. It also blocks UV rays, keeping the interior of the vehicle cool and preventing deterioration of the upholstery of the vehicle.

Tempered Glass:

The glass that is used in car windows and for the rear screen is tempered glass. This type of glass is made by heating float glass till it is softened and then forcing it to cool rapidly under controlled conditions. By doing this, the strength of annealed glass increases by as much as four to five times.

As compared to laminated auto glass, tempered glass shatters into rounded pebble-like particles, increasing the possibility of injuries in case of accidents. Hence it is not used in windshields. Broken tempered glass cannot be repaired and the only solution is to replace it. Hence car door glass and car back glass can only be repaired, not replaced.

At Auto Glass Canada Etobicoke, our policy is to always try a repair first and if that is impossible then only do we replace the glass. Depending on the damage sustained, and the position of the chip or crack, replacement may be the only safe option.

While carrying out replacements, we ensure that we only use glass that meets OEM standards, regardless of whether it is sourced from the original equipment manufacturer or other suppliers. Our technicians take every precaution to ensure that the glass we select fits just as perfectly as the original one, and we use industry- approved methodology for replacing windscreens. We use only laminated auto glass for windshield replacements, whereas tempered glass is the preferred choice for body glasses and rear windshields.

In case of any queries, do call us at our centralized help line numbers.

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Our Services

  • Windshield replacements
  • Windshield repairs
  • Windshield installations
  • Rear and front doors
  • Vent glasses
  • Back glasses
  • Quarter Glass
  • Sunroof repair and service
  • Crack and stone chip repairs


When the Auto Glass Canada team claims that crack repairs are their specialty, they aren’t kidding! After they had worked on our vehicle, it was almost impossible to see the cracks.

Recently we approached another company to get a small chip fixed. Without any analysis they put their machine on the chip and it spread to 6”.They told me that this happened because of the nature of the chip, and the only alternative was to replace the windscreen. While their cost for the chip repair seemed very reasonable, the quote for the replacement turned out to be exorbitant. I now believe they applied pressure with their machine to turn the chip into a crack, so that they could charge me these fancy rates for a replacement!

Our experience with Auto Glass was just the opposite. I was told what I could expect, and they were transparent about costs and time. The crack repair was so good we almost couldn’t believe it ourselves. They also told me that if I wasn’t happy I could get back to them within 7 days, and they would refund the cost of the labor which could be adjusted against a replacement if I wanted it. My windshield is still in great shape! Thank you, Auto Glass Canada!

- Michael Quinn